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The technology of locksmithing began many years ago since protection for human property became necessary. Basically, a lock is a mechanism which is normally used to secure buildings, storage facilities, and rooms among other objects that require security. The lock is usually opened by a key. The locksmith normally make locks for all sizes as well as shapes. One of the good things of the locks is that however small it is, the lock is be able to keep even the most determined intruders at bay. Therefore the main work of the smiths is to assemble and design locks with their respective keys.


There are several locksmiths services provided today including car locksmithing, residential locksmithing, and commercial locksmithing. Since locks are very crucial when it comes to offering protection to people’s property, the locksmiths are considered to be more important in the society.

In case you happen to be interested in knowing a lot about locksmithing, or want to start a locksmithing business or maybe you want to work with the locksmithing company, then you can enroll for locksmithing classes. Some institutions in the UK such as the UK Locksmithing Association (UKLA) offer locksmithing courses. The training does not last for long; just about 2-3 days.

The following are among the jobs that the locksmiths normally do:

  • The main work of the locksmiths is to fix high quality locks that will keep the property more secure as well as achieve the insurance requirements
  • They make new locks to be fitted to new apartments
  • The locksmiths normally makes duplicates of the existing keys as well as repair them
  • They also replace the worn out locks which had been affected by normal wear and tear over a period of time. Thus the locksmiths generally replace all the damaged locks.
  • Besides, the locksmiths fix door bolts to add more locking and security points
  • They also fix the hinge bolts to provide extra protection to the hinge sides of your door to enhance its strength
  • In addition, locksmithing at times provides emergency services such as breaking the lock of your door if you have locked yourself out and may have been lost or misplaced the key. They will do all these without causing any damage to the door. They will then replace the lock with another one
  • Other services which you will get from locksmithing include not only the door and window locks but also many locking devices. Some of the locksmiths are also experts in security and can provide security as well as insurance advice. They have the ability to set up security measures such as CCTV installation, alarm system installation, as well as secure access systems for communal doors.


In the United Kingdom, there are many companies as well as self-employed people that provide the locksmithing services. It is recommended to have a licensed by the Masters Locksmithing Association (MLA) in the UK to offer the locksmithing services to you.

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