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Here are some pictures of some recent work that we have completed – as you can see our expertise is very wide ranging and we are able to service most clients whether Commercial or Domestic.

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Sometimes ingenuity is required! A paperclip fastened to a steerable-scope to visually aid retrieving a safe key posted accidentally in deposit tube of safe…


Another lock failure on a high grade safe, drilled and spiked open


Top drilling a failed safe lock


Installation of high security electronic access control


A trainee scoping his first combination safe


Listening device assisting the unlocking of a high-grade safe


Picked euro-cylinder


Drilling of atm with a failed lock

Side drilling of failed high-grade safe lock.

One of Many M/O/D safe openings.

Trophy Shot. High grade safe opening.

Successful picking of high grade safe lock fitted to floor safe (lost key scenario).

Engineer utilising endoscope to inspect failed safe lock.

A pair of large fire doors we replaced to large high street retail outlet.

High grade safe lock picked open after keys lost by medical supply company.

Replacement of bottom pivot to commercial door.

Large bank vault – code compromised.

Vault door combination lock.

Vault door combination lock code changing.

Conducting Audit to electronic safe lock fitted to high street building society main safe.

Opening of high grade safe using inspection equipment.

Example of service works to bank vault door locks.

Utilising drill rig with vacuum attachment for accurate side drilling of failed safe.

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