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CCTV Installation Birmingham

CCTV installation is of great importance and should be valued in the same way as the product itself. The CCTV installation should be carried out properly to ensure good functionality as well as keep at bay the malfunctions that may arise when it is being used. The CCTV installation Birmingham team uses only the recommended as well as authorized parts and follows the right procedure when installing the CCTV cameras in your home or at business place. Before thinking of installing the CCTV cameras for security at your place, you need to invite the experts to come and inspect the place so that they advise you on the best option of surveillance you need based on our budget as well requirements.


The following are some of the instructions that you need to follow during the CCTV installation:

  • If you decide to monitor your CCTV system through the internet then you will have to request for an IP address from your internet provider .If you wish, then your computer which is wireless enabled will give  you the recording capability.
  • You are supposed to survey your place of work or home and find out the number of cameras that you need to have for the CCTV installation. You will get systems having 1-4 cameras at many electronic stores around you. For the wireless cameras, you will be required to get an electrical outlet for them to function. Ensure that the outlet is not accessible by anyone; otherwise, the camera will easily be unplugged to avoid any capture.
  • You will also be required to set up the software on your computer in case it is being used and then allow it to boot up. To install the software, you will have to click on the install menu and then follow the instructions provided. For security purposes, you will require your user name, IP address, and a password.
  • You will have to fix the first camera on a stable surface and then plug it on a wall socket before pointing it to the direction that need to be covered. Ensure maximum coverage before turning the camera on. After this, label the camera with any name of your choice, preferably the one which you can easily remember, on the software in your computer.
  • Set up the remaining cameras in the same way.
  • You can now run a test of your installed system by bringing up a browser in your internet enabled computer. You can achieve this by simply typing your static IP address in the browser address bar, login in using your user name and password. Then you will be allowed to see the software that will in turn let you to select the camera you want to view as well as allow you to check the recorded information.


Alternatively, you can install the CCTV surveillance by using your own wireless-enabled computer to act as the DVR. Despite the slight difference in the software used, the installation process will be the same.

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