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Locksmiths in Birmingham

Locksmiths in Birmingham

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When you are locked out of your home or business it is very frustrating and inconvenient. You are caught waiting around and do not want to force the lock as it may well be very expensive to replace. However there is no need to despair. If you are looking for a locksmith in Birmingham you will not have to go very far. All you need to do is to call Principal Security on 0800 228 9420 and they will be able to come to your aid.


Advantages of using a local locksmith like Principal security:

    • Well established business: Principal security is one of the leading locksmiths in Birmingham. They have been servicing the area for over 30 years. Their years of experience can guarantee you top notch service and reliability.


    • 24 hour helpline: No matter when you call Principal Security they will always be ready to send you one of their engineers. This is because they have a 24 hour service and are always on call.


    • Cost effective: many locksmiths from Birmingham can cost you a lot of money when they do house calls. However at Principal Security you will not need to worry about losing your shirt. Their services are competitively priced and cost effective. No matter when you call you are guaranteed a fantastic service that doesn’t break the bank.


    • Qualified and fully insured: Looking for a Birmingham locksmith can be difficult as many may not be skilled and can damage your doors and locks even further resulting in a bigger bill for you. The engineers at Principal Security are fully insured and well qualified to handle any lock that needs attention with the minimum of hassle.


    • Can handle a wide variety of lock and safe jobs: the engineers can handle all manner of jobs and locks of all kinds from front doors to high grade safes.


  • Fully vetted engineers: All Principal Security engineers are fully vetted and CRB checked, resulting in your complete peace of mind that you have honest and trustworthy engineers visiting your premise.


Some of the jobs they provide:

    • Residential customers: when you are stranded outside your home and have lost your key Principal Security can help you. They will be there in a flash and will have your door unlocked in minutes. These Birmingham locksmiths can also help you to install locks that meet the standards of your insurance company. This will not only make your home safer but will also make it easier and more cost effective to insure. Installing locks on your windows is a wise thing to do to make sure that your home is more secure. Intruder alarms can also help to do this. These locksmiths from Birmingham can also handle safe locks at home.


    • Commercial customers: there are a number of commercial jobs that Principal Security handle. This Birmingham locksmith can do a simple job of installing a lock on your business premises or a more complex job like a coded lock.


    • Provide access control: Principal Security your local locksmith in Birmingham can provide either a one door access control lock or a multi floor system and everything in between. They can also provide lock systems for disabled home owners. This can prove very useful as many people with disabilities have a hard time dealing with conventional locks. They can handle resets and code changing for current systems, which can help make places more secure.


  • Safes can be set up easily by our engineers and provide a good “first fix” rate. This eliminates the need of having to call them multiple times. Replacement locks are easy to handle with a local locksmith like Principal Security. They can also install new safes.


So whatever your needs you really do not have to spend time searching for a locksmith just call Principal Security on their 24 hour help line.


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